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Compagnies de passage

“Le Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage” is open to companies and artists (both professional and amateur) who wish to participate in the festival on their own initiative and through self-production.

“Le Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage” is not subject to selection. Artistic proposals should belong to the aesthetics of street arts, taking into account public space, across all disciplines.

Concerts of amplified contemporary music are not part of this specificity.

Registration with the Passing Companies office is mandatory.

The ÉCLAT association, in consultation with public authorities, commits to defining a location and a schedule for representation per day and per show for each registered company or artist, subject to municipal authorizations and within the limits of available spaces.

How to register

  1. Please, send a email to cie.passage@aurillac.net attached a PDF dossier containing our artistic intent, target audience, technical details, and a site plan. Additionally, included links to videos showcasing our performance. If our spectacle falls under the category of “Structures and Special Installations,” we kindly request you to make a note of it (refer to “Practical Information/Technical Details” for more details).
  2. You will receive a link shortly to complete your online registration. During this process, we may contact you for any additional information needed.
  3. Once your online registration is complete, you will receive an automatic response within a few hours, including a list of documents to be sent via email to finalize your registration.

Please note that this email might be filtered as spam, so we recommend checking your spam folder. Feel free to contact us at +33 (0)4 71 43 43 74 if you have any concerns.

The completion date of the registration (reception of the requested documents by email) triggers the review of your file.


First registration period

From January/February to April 1st. Applications will be processed starting from the completion date of their registration.

This first period concerns:

  1. “Structures and Special Installations,” including itinerant/wandering shows (see Practical Information/Technical Details).
  2. Professional companies wishing to know their “pre-representation schedule” by mid-July and all companies participating in collective projects (see Practical Information/Registration).
  3.  All companies needing electrical access at their performance location.
    Note: Any registration not finalized before April 1st will not be considered.

Second registration period

From April 1st to June 9.

This period concerns only fixed performances (no wandering) that do not require electrical connection at the performance location.


Collectives — Spirit of Participation

Welcome to the Aurillac Festival and “Le Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage”!

We are delighted that you are considering participating as a collective.

Here is some important information to ensure a harmonious experience for everyone.

“Le Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage” is open to collective organization based on the spaces occupied. Thus, a collective is formed by several companies that decide to collaborate to occupy a site, open or closed, during the festival and offer a coordinated program.

This organization results in the presentation of shows on-site throughout the day, from 10 am to a maximum of midnight, taking into account current regulations, especially in terms of safety, hygiene, audience management, etc.

For each site, the collective’s consideration of the nearby environment is essential.

This should be translated into a willingness to cohabit exemplary between all members of a collective on one hand (artistic and technical teams, service providers, and volunteers) and the residents on the other hand.

This cohabitation approach can be manifested through information sessions for residents, meetings, the creation of participation opportunities, but also by limiting potential nuisances, especially noise, or other neighborhood disturbances.

The organization of a collective assumes that a professional company coordinates the project and involves the presence of a qualified technical contact.

We need a single contact person for the administrative part and a contact person for the technical part.

We emphasize that collectives must remain “human-sized” and keep the primary goal of presenting street arts performances and/or considering public space.

Nighttime, friendly, and festive events are possible but cannot be the main focus of the collective’s organization.

As a reminder, the welcome charter for “Le Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage also applies to collectives. In particular, it specifies that amplified music concerts are not allowed during this meeting.

However, it is tolerated for collectives to propose a musical program until the closing of bars and sites, but it must strictly adhere to the proper conditions of the ‘celebration’ and pay attention to limiting inconveniences for residents.

Artistic and musical proposals planned after the performances and until the sites close must be communicated during registration to allow us to have a comprehensive and complete analysis of your project.

Collectives are responsible for the audience welcomed on the assigned site and must ensure that the sites close in tranquility, thus avoiding any nighttime disturbance.

We look forward to assisting you in your collective artistic adventure at the next edition of the Aurillac Festival.

Together, let’s create memorable moments for all festival-goers, in a balanced sharing of public space and in good harmony with residents!

Collectives — Registration Procedures

Before March 10, the company leading the collective must send us an email request, accompanied by a detailed dossier, with a description of the collective’s identity and its artistic project, including:

  • the list of companies and shows (including any nighttime programming)
  • the proposed hourly schedule
  • the scenic spaces and planned scenographic elements
  • the consideration of the environment and the relationship with residents
  • any other information you deem useful for a good understanding of your project

Before April 1, the collective must return the completed administrative and technical preparatory document, which can be downloaded below. Without this document, the registration will be considered null and void.

Simultaneously, all companies must have completed their individual registration.

Please note:

  • Given the available spaces, we cannot accommodate all collective projects. Companies participating in a collective project that cannot be realized may be assigned a location and time for their show based on available spaces.
  • An agreement is established between the person leading the collective project and ÉCLAT. It specifies the obligations of each regarding the occupation of the assigned location.
  • For catering, you must call upon a professional (we will provide you with the necessary information). Sanitary controls are systematic.



The 2024 edition of the International Street Theatre Festival in Aurillac will take place from Wednesday, August 14, to Saturday, August 17.


This charter defines the principle and conditions of this “Le Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage” through the rules of the game that allow this unique rendezvous dedicated to street arts to exist. Each Passing Company signs the charter to finalize its registration.

Download the charter (PDF)

Professional Company/Amateur Company

A professional company possesses a license for entertainment entrepreneurs.

In the “License Number” section, foreign companies will specify the references existing in their country. Professional companies have priority when it comes to the allocation of locations and schedules.


Each Company must be covered by liability insurance corresponding to its activity.

The insurance certificate is requested in the final step of registration during finalization.

The liability insurance certificate must be in the name of the company and/or mention the company and its show as the guaranteed activity. Its validity must cover the duration of the Festival.

Companies without liability insurance can subscribe to the liability insurance offered by the Festival through its insurer (MAIF). This option involves a fee. The form can be requested from Les Compagnies de passage desk” .

The proposed insurance is only liability insurance and is not suitable for projects involving pyrotechnics, tents, special structures, etc.

Each Company is responsible for its visit to Aurillac, its stay, its team, and its performances (including technical and logistical needs). All expenses of the company are its responsibility.


In the event of cancellation, please send us an email as soon as possible at cie.passage@aurillac.net.

You will then receive an automatic email sent to artistic and administrative contacts confirming the cancellation.

Allocation of a Location and Schedule

“Les Compagnies de passage” office determines a location and schedule for representation per day and per registered show.

The representation days will be those that the company specified during its online registration.

The choice of location and representation schedule is made based on the information that the company communicates during its online registration and within the limits of available locations and time slots.

Pre-representation Schedule

The pre-representation schedule is communicated by email.

  • Professional companies that have finalized their registration before April 1st will be informed of their pre-representation schedule in mid-July.
  • Companies registered and/or having finalized their registration after April 1st will be informed of their pre-representation schedule between mid-July and late July.

Important: This is indeed a pre-representation schedule. Therefore, it is subject to change.


Technical informations

Companies choosing to participate in the “Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage” with technical needs must bring their own equipment and be self-sufficient. We can possibly provide an electrical point to companies indicating this during online registration. These companies must have completed their registration before April 1st for this request to be considered.

All shows requiring a very specific setup (structures, site-specific performances, etc.) must apply for registration as “Structures and Special Installations” and finalize their registration before April 1st.

Points to note

The proposed show must be technically and logistically feasible within the context of the “Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage.” We will contact you in case of doubt to assess the feasibility of your project. We can only consider shows that have completed their registration.

Structures and Special Installations

Registration and finalization by March 10th is mandatory for all tents/structures of 1st to 4th category. They must have made their request by email, completed online registration, and finalized this registration by sending the necessary documents (security register extract, electrical verification, extinguisher verification, plans, M2 reports, etc.) before March 10th.

Registration and finalization by April 1st is mandatory for shows presenting at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Roaming/wandering shows.
  • Absolutely non-dismantlable structures: Structures fixed in one place throughout the Festival, e.g., fixed decor, non-dismantlable portico, stage truck, tent, fixed sideshow.

Important: Companies with non-dismantlable structures must provide surveillance for their installations, for which they remain entirely responsible (day and night).

  • Use of pyrotechnics (C1F1, C2F2, C3F3, T1)—No C4F4T2 within the framework of “Compagnies de passage.”
  • Shows requiring special technical or logistical attention for their installation, e.g., equestrian show, site-specific performance, with attachments, motorized, show with significant daily setup and dismantling times, dismantlable stands, sideshows.
  • Shows having an essential need for electrical power at the playing location, 16 A 220 Volts or higher, and/or a need for three-phase electrical connection.

Important: During online registration, the company must clearly specify all technical and logistical information that may be relevant in choosing a suitable location for its show, e.g., use of a single clamp during setup, caravan, dismantlable or non-dismantlable decor throughout the Festival.

The number of fixed structures is limited. Companies with projects having these characteristics are encouraged to register as early as possible and finalize their registration by April 1st.

Electrical Power

It is made available at certain sites at a fixed point. Each company must bring extension cords (±100 m).

The “Compagnies de passage” office strives to accommodate the electrical needs of companies that have completed their registration before April 1st. Companies registering after April 1st must be able to adapt to a location without electrical power.


The Program of the Compagnies de passage

The program includes the company name, title, genre, duration of the show, as well as the schedule and location of the performance in chronological order for the day.

Each location is identified by a number positioned on the program’s map.

It is published a few days before the Festival and distributed free of charge to registered companies, as well as to professionals and the press. It is sold to festival-goers.

Note: The location numbers change every year.

The “Compagnies de passage Program” is a different edition from the “Companies Catalog.”

The Companies Catalog

  • Registration until April 30: Optional and paid
  • Reserved for professional companies

The Companies Catalog is a French/English directory of shows present at the edition. The Catalog is a promotional tool for your show with professionals and the press, to whom it is offered. It is sold to festival-goers at all reception points.

It allows for a more detailed presentation of the show with a text, a color visual (landscape format 6 × 4 cm), company contact information, distribution, and partners.

If the company does not have the translation into English (or French) of its texts, it can choose to entrust it to the Festival’s professional translator.

Registration for the catalog is paid. Rate (one page = one show):

  • €37.50 excluding VAT, or €45.00 including VAT (20% VAT) if the company has its text in French and English.
  • €56.67 excluding VAT, or €68.00 including VAT (20% VAT) if the company wishes to have its text translated by the Festival’s professional translator.

Registration for the Catalog is done online through a specific link sent to the companies after their registration as Compagnie de passage.

The Companies Catalog only contains shows present at the edition. It is, therefore, extremely important for the company to ensure its presence in Aurillac.

Search Engine

The French/English search engine for the Compagnies de passage is online in early July on our website.

All companies that have completed their registration are included, and the search fields are the company name, show title, year of creation, genre, region, and country.

Companies that have taken the step to appear in the Companies Catalog have a photograph.

Meeting in Aurillac

Meet on site upon your arrival.

Upon your arrival in Aurillac, you have an appointment at the Compagnies de Passage office to confirm your attendance, receive your welcome package, and your badges.

The Compagnies de Passage office is located at 20 rue de la Coste, Aurillac.

Companies that must access their performance venue by vehicle must indicate and justify this during the online registration. This need may limit the possibilities of implantation, as not all performance venues are accessible by vehicle during the Festival.

They will need to come to the Compagnies de Passage office to pick up their vehicle pass before accessing their performance venue.

No vehicle pass will be issued at the access barriers.

Note: From the morning of Tuesday, August 13, you will no longer be able to access the city center by vehicle.

Dressing Room/Storage

A dressing room and storage facility in the city center are provided free of charge for the Compagnies de Passage.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation capacities in Aurillac and its surroundings are limited.

The Tourist Office of the Community of Aurillac Basin can guide you on accommodation and help organize your stay.

Tourist Office of CABA
7 rue Carmes
15000 Aurillac
Tel: +33(0)4 71 48 46 58
Email: courrier@iaurillac.com
Website: www.iaurillac.com