Professional Meetings 2017


Between the 23th and the 26th of August, the city of Aurillac will open its doors widely to performances, artists and spectators.


But the Festival of Aurillac is also the meeting point of programmers and mentors, observers and people fond of street theatre and art in public space. People with projects to present, ideas to share, concepts to test, debates to enflame, cry to let out, a sense of freedom to express…


How to provoke the thought and have it move on in the creative and sensitive effervescence, in this festival atmosphere? How to meet, to exchange and still take the time? Whatever the forms and subjects, the sense has to be felt, questioned, the sense is to be transmitted and the sense is to be given and to be taken…


4 days long, we question you, we show you the actuality of street arts and we invite you to these necessary moments, these rich exchanges, these debates, these meetings of Aurillac.


From Monday 21th afternoon to Saturday 26th August
Lycée Saint-Géraud – 23 rue du Collège

Maison du Festival – 20 rue de la Coste