How to register ?


  • 1 - Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a presentation file of your performance in PDF file (artistic intention, audience, contacts, website...), with technical elements and a layout plan (please provide us with these documents directly as an email attachment). You can also send us video links.

 If your performance falls under the case of “Special structures and particular settings” please let us know (see Practical Info/Technical Information)


  • 2 - You will receive a link to complete your online registration. At this stage, you may be contacted for further information.


  • 3 - Once your online registration has been completed, you will receive an automatic response with, as an attachment, the list of documents to be sent to us by email to finalize your registration.
    Please note that this email is sometimes received as SPAM. Please check before contacting us at +33 (0)
    The date of the finalization of the registration (receipt of the documents requested by email) begins the study of your file.





 For 2023, registrations are open.


  • First registration time :  January/February to April 1st. Applications will be processed from the date of the finalization of their registration.
 This first step concerns : 
1 - “Special structures and particular settings” including traveling performances / wanderings (see Practical Info/Technical Information)
2 - Professional companies wishing to know their "pre-planning of representation" mid-July and all companies taking part in collectives (see Practical Info/Registration)
3 - All companies needing an electrical access to their spot

Pay attention: any registration not finalized before April 1st cannot be studied


  • Second registration time from April 1st to June 15th. It only concerns fixed performances (no wanderings) that do not require an electrical access at the spot.



A collective is a group of companies collaborating to manage a spot with performances, a public restauration and a bar.

The organization of a collective requires that one of the companies coordinate the project and implies the presence of a qualified technical referent. Only a professional company can coordinate a collective. We need one contact person for the administrative part and one contact person for the technical part.

Before March 10th, the company in charge of the collective must send us a request by email with a detailed file describing the identity of the collective and its artistic project including : 
- the list of all the companies and performances
- the intended program
- the scenic spaces and elements planned
- the total electrical power required
- the consideration of the environment and the relationship with the inhabitants
- all information judged helpful to understand the project

Before April 1st, the collective will have to send back the completed technical preparatory document (without which the registration will be considered null and void) and all companies will have to finalize their individual registration.

Pay attention :
- An agreement will be signed with the collective manager and ECLAT. It specifies the obligations of each person with regard to the occupation of the allocated space.
- For the public catering you have to employ a professionnal structure. Tand make the declaration (we provide you with the necessary information). Sanitary controls are systematic.
- We can’t find a spot for every collective project because of the limited number of spots available. We will find an individual spot for the companies of such projects. 









Wednesday August 23 to Saturday August 26.



This charter defines the principle and the conditions of this “Rendez-vous des Compagnies de passage” through the few game rules that allow this unique meeting dedicated to street theater to exist. Each Company passing through signs the charter to finalize its registration.


Professional Company / Amateur Company

Under the heading "Licence number", foreign companies will specify the existing references in their country.
Professional companies have priority for assigning spots and times.



Each Compagnie de passage must be covered by civil liability insurance corresponding to its activity.
The insurance certificate is requested at the last stage of registration during the finalization.
The civil liability insurance certificate must be in the name of the company and/or mention the company and its performance as a guaranteed activity. Its validity must cover the time of the Festival.

Companies that do not have civil liability insurance can subscribe to the civil liability insurance offered by the Festival through its insurer (MAIF). This possibility is subject to a paid subscription. The form can be requested from the Compagnies de passage office.
The insurance offered is only a civil liability, it is not suitable for projects with pyrotechnics, big top, special structures...

Each Compagnie de passage is responsible for its arrival in Aurillac, its stay, its team and its representations (including its technical and logistical needs). All the costs of the company are at his expense.



In the case of a cancellation, please send us an email as soon as possible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You will then receive an automatic email sent to the artistic and administrative contacts confirming the cancellation.


Assigning a spot and time

The office of the Compagnies de passage determines a spot and a performance schedule per day and per registered performance.
The performance days will be those specified by the company when registering online.
The choice of venue and performance time is based on the information provided by the company when registering online and within the limits of the spots and time slots available.


Pre-planning of representation

The pre-planning of representation is communicated by mail.

> Professional companies having finalized their registration before April 1st will be informed of their pre-schedule for representation in mid-July.
> Companies registered and/or having finalized their registration after April 1st will be informed of their pre-schedule for representation between mid-July and mid-August.

PLEASE NOTE : It is indeed a pre-planning of representation. It can be therefore subject to change.



The companies wich have decided to participate as a « Compagnie de passage » have to be independent and have all the technical equipment they need. We do not provide any technical equipment. Only an electrical point is provided for the companies which have asked for it in their registration and have finalized registration before April 1st.

Every performance in need of a particular setting or set-up has to register as a « particular structures or settings » and finalize before April 1st.

Pay attention :
The performance you want to register has to be technically and « logistically » doable in the « Compagnies de passage » specific context. We will contact you if we have any doubt. We can only consider your performance if you have finalized your registration.


Particular structures and settings :

Registration and finalization before March 10th imperatively
• all the tents/structures of 1st to 4th category must have made their request by e-mail, the online registration and the finalization of this registration with the return of the necessary documents (a specific form is to be returned to us filled for the "CTS") before March 10th.

Registration and finalization before April 1st imperatively
You are considered as a "particular structure or setting", if your performance has one of the following characteristics :

Wanderings/traveling performance

Unremovable structure : Structures installed in a fixed location for the duration of the Festival. For example: fixed scenery, non-dismountable gantry, stage truck, tent, fixed entresort...
Important : Companies with unmovable structures must provide security for their structures for which they remain entirely responsible (day and night).

Use of pyrotechnics (C1F1, C2F2, C3F3, T1) – No C4F4T2 allowed

Performances in need of technical or logistical attention to find a spot : equestrian performances, aerial performances, stands...

Performances needing an electrical point on their spots : 16A 220V or superior and/or a three-phase power.


WARNING : During their registration, the company has to be precised with all the technical informations that can help us find your performance a spot.

The number of fixed structures is limited. Companies with a project with these characteristics are invited to register as soon as possible and finalize their registration imperatively before April 1st.


Electrical point

Some spots have a fixed electrical point. Please provide the extension cord (+/-100 meters) and power adapter if needed. We do everything we can to provide an electrical point for all companies which have finalized their registration before April 1st. Past this deadline, the company will have to adjust to a spot without an electrical point.




Program of the Compagnies de passage

The program indicates: the name of the company, title of the performance, type of performance, the duration of the performance as well as the time and spot of performance in chronological order of the day.
Each spot is identified by a number positioned on the program map. It is published a few days before the Festival and distributed free of charge to registered companies as well as to professionals and the press. It is sold to the public.
Pay attention : Place numbers change every year.
The Companies de passage program is a different edition of the Companies Catalog.


The Catalog of the Compagnies
Registration until April 30 : optional and paid
Reserved for professional companies

The Catalog of Companies is a French/English directory of the performances featured in the edition. The Catalog is a tool for promoting your performance to professionals and the press, to whom it is offered. It is sold to the public at all reception points.

It presents the performance in more detail with a text, a color visual (6x4cm landscape format), the contact details of the company, the cast, the partners.
If the company does not have the translation into English (or French of its texts), it may choose to entrust it to the professional translator of the Festival.

Registration in the Catalog is chargeable. Price (one page = one performance) :
      - 37,50 € HT, 45,00€ TTC (TVA 20%) if the company has its text in French and English
      - 56,67 € HT, 68,00€ TTC (TVA 20%) if the company wishes to have its text translated by the professional translator of the Festival

Registration for the Catalog is done online using a specific link addressed to companies, sent after registration as a Compagnie de passage.
The Catalog of companies only contains performances present on the edition. It is therefore extremely important that the company be assured of its presence in Aurillac.


Search engine

The French/English search engine for Compagnies de passage went online at the beginning of July on our website. All the companies that have finalized their registration are listed there, the search fields are the name of the company, the title of the performance, the year of creation, the type of performance, the region, the country.
Companies that have taken the step of appearing in the Catalog have a photograph.



When you arrive

You have to go to the office of the « Compagnies de passage » to confirm your arrival and your presence. We will gave you a welcome packaging with your badges.
The adress of the office is 20 rue de la coste 15000 Aurillac.

All companies needing to access their spot with a vehicle as to mention and justify it in their registration. This need can limit the possibilities of finding your performance a spot in the center of the city.
Those companies will have to come to the office to get a « vehicle-pass » before going to their performance spot. No « vehicle pass » will be gived at the gates.

Pay attention : From August 16th, you won’t be able the go to the center of the city with a vehicle.


Lodge / luggage lockers

The companies have a free access to a space where they can store their material during the Festival.


Housing possiblities

The housing possibilities are limited in Aurillac during the Festival.

The visitor center of the « Communauté d’Agglomération du Bassin d’Aurillac » can guide you.
Visitor Center
7 Rue Carmes - 15000 Aurillac
Tèl : +33(0)
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Site :


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