• 1 - Send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a dossier or a detailed description of the performance, a technical rider and a layout map (for fixed performances only). You may also send us links to your videos and website.
  • Please tell us if your performance falls under the case of a « special structures or setting » (see « Practical Information »)


  • 2 - After a careful study by our team, you will receive a nominative registration link by e-mail in order to fill the online registration.
  • --

  • 3 - Once your online registration is finalized, you will receive within a few hours an « automatic confirmation e-mail » with the list of the documents to send us by email to validate your registration. In case you do not receive this email, please contact us at : +33 (0)
    Be careful, this email lands on your spam folder sometimes.
    The documents you have to send us to validate your registration are : the signed charter, the running order for walking acts and a liability insurance certificate figuring the name of your company. According to your situation, further documents might be required. As soon as we receive these documents we can consider your positioning. These documents must be emailed back to facilitate the validation of your registration.

    Considering the large number of « Compagnies de passage », we give priority to the companies/artists proposing performances close to our specificity : Street Theater. A particular attention will be given to propositions with a direct link with public space as described on overview page “Spirit of Compagnies de passage”.
    Artistic proposals that have to be performed in a safe closed area will be dealt with later.




  • First registration period : Between January and April 1st. Companies and artists registered during that period will be assigned a performance space first  in order of the date of their registration validation. We advise professional companies to validate their registration during this period.
  • The registration MUST be validated before April 1st for what concerns :
    1 - « Special Structures or settings » (see « Practical Information
    2 - Professional companies wishing to know their «pre-program» before mid-July (see « Practical Information »)


  • Second registration period : from April 1st until June 15th and during the Festival from the monday before the beginning (during this period we can register only with a short performance and there are very fem time slots available).



    A collective means several companies deciding to work together in order to liven an area up during the festival.
    Established collectives will send us a notice of intent with artistic proposals. This notice of intent will also include set designing elements and a list of the companies involved with their contact details (a phone number and an email address). You must inform us about your project before 28th February.
    Then the collective has to send a detailed file with a description of the collective, the list of all the companies and shows and an idea of the programmation, the list of structures installed for the shows, the list of structures installed for the bar or food court, every information you judge necessary for us to comprehend your project before April 1st.
    Each company of the upcoming collective must register individually before April 1st.
    Organisers of a collective must appoint a head coordinator and a qualified technical referent who will be the contact persons for the "compagnies de passage" office. Only professional compagnies can run a collective.
    Please note :
    - A convention is established between the project holder of the collective and the Association ECLAT. It states the obligations for each party regarding the use of the allocated area.
    - To propose catering services, you must hire a professional.
    - Considering the limited available areas, we cannot accept all the projects. Companies registered with a collective project that doesn't come to a successful conclusion can get a new individual positioning.


    Dates Special structures or settings
    Concept Technical specificities and performance spaces
    Charter Insurance
    Professional Company / Amateur Company Green room and locker room
    Positioning : performance space and time Accommodation
    Pre-program of the performances Cancellation
    The "Compagnies de passage" program Meeting upon arrival
    The "Compagnies de passage" catalog (facultative) On-site registration


    The next edition of the International Street Theatre Festival of Aurillac scheduled from Wednesday August 19 to Saturday August 22, 2020, is canceled.

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    The companies/artists wishing to participate in the Rendez-vous of the "Compagnies de Passage" must propose a performance close to our specificity, Street Theatre and bring proposals fitting public space. The artists are invited to pay attention to the relation with the spectator and the dramaturgy in public space, and to consider the physical spaces offered by the city.
    Except for this essential condition there is no selection of the companies and the performances.
    Amplified music concerts and indoor shows are not part of this specificity.

    Each company/artist willing to participate in the rendezvous of the "Compagnies de passage" must report, register and validate their registration at the office of the "Compganies de passage" which will allocate the company/artist a performance space and a performance time (1 per show and per performing day, within the limits of 12 slots for the 4 days of the festival).

    The companies are autonomous and in self-production. Those who choose to participate to the rendez-vous of the "Compagnies de passage" and have technical requirements come with the material they need. We may provide electricity.

    All the performances with very specific requirements must register and validate their registration as « Special Structure or setting » before April 1st. We might contact you to consider your project's feasability.

    Good to know :
    - The proposed performance must be technically and logisticallly feasible. We will contact you if there is any doubt about your project's feasability in the context of the rendezvous of the "Compagnies de passage".
    - The identified performance spaces are streets, squares and gardens in Aurillac. They are not technically equipped.

    Each "Compagnie de passage" is covered by its liability insurance (or covered by the insurance proposed by the Festival). Each "Compagnie de passage" is responsable for its arrival and its activities in Aurillac, its transports, its accomodation, its staff and its performances (including technical and logistical means). The company will cover the whole amount of its expenses.

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    The charter of the "Compagnies de passage" defines the concept and the conditions of the Rendez-vous of the "Compagnies de passage". A few rules make this unique rendezvous possible. Each "Compagnie de passage" has to sign the charter at the end of the registration process.

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    Professional Company / Amateur Company

    A Professional company owns a license for the Entertainment business. In the « licence number » section, foreign companies will explain the equivalent licenses/documents existing in their country.

    Registration requests of professional and amateur companies is dealt within the same way, only difference professional companies will be positioned before the amateur companies.

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    Positioning : performance space and time

    The office of the "Compagnies de passage" allocates ONE space and ONE performance time per performance day and per registered show.
    Performance day(s) will be the one(s) that the company specified during its online registration.
    The designation of a space and a time is made according to the informations given by the company in its online registration and within the available spaces and time slots.

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    Pre-program of the performances

    > Professional companies who registered and validated their registration before April 1st will be informed of their pre-program of performances before mid-July.
    > The companies who registered and/or validated after April 1st will be informed of their pre-program between mid-July and mid-August.
    The pre-program of the performances is communicated by email.

    IMPORTANT : the Pre-program might be modified at any time considering the difficulty of allocating a space. The audience will learn about your definitive performance space(s) and time(s) in the "Compagnies de Passage" program that we edit and sell during the Festival.

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    The "Compagnies de passage" program

    The audience will find all the performance spaces and times for each show in the "Compagnies de passage" program. It is published a few days before the Festival, and then given to the "Compagnies of passage" and the professionals and sold to the audience. The "Compagnies de passage" program contains : the name of the company, title, discipline and duration of each show and performance spaces and time for each show (in the chronological order of the day).
    Each performance space is identified by a number (called "pastille") to be found in the program, from left to right on the map.

    Attention : spot numbers ("Pasilles") change every year.

    The "Compagnies de passage" program and the "Compagnies de passage" catalog are different items.

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    The "Compagnies de passage" catalog (optional registration before April 30th / Professional companies only)

    The Compagnies de passage catalog is a bilingual repertory of the shows performed during this edition of the Festival. The Catalog is given to the professionals and the press, it is a mean of promoting your show(s). It is sold to the audience at all the information points.
    It allows companies/artists to provide more detailed information about them with a bilingual text (French/English), distribution and partners, a coloured picture (landscape layout 6x4 cm), the company/artist's contact details.
    We can propose a translation service (charged) for companies/artists who do not have a French or English translation of their texts.
    The "Compagnies de passage" program and the "Compagnies de passage" catalog are different items.
    Reservation of a space in the catalog is optional and reserved to professional companies.
    Registration is charged as follows :
    Price (one page = one show) :
          - 37,50 € ex. tax, 45,00 € inc. tax (20% VAT) if the company already has its text(s) in French and in English.
          - 56,67 € ex tax, 68,00 € inc. tax (20% VAT) if the company wishes its text to be translated by the Festival's translator.
          - 37,50 € ex. tax, 45,00 € inc. tax (20% VAT) to use the page of a previous edition.
    The registration is made online through a web link given to the companies at the same time than the registration as a "Compagnie de passage" web link .
    The Catalog only displays shows performed during this edition of the Festival. It is thus extremely important for you to be sure of your participation. The interest of the professionals in the catalog depends on it.


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    Special structures or setting : validation of registration imperatively before April 1st

    Shows with at least one of the following characteristics :

    Itinerant / travelling shows

    Structures that cannot be dismantled :
    Structures in a fixed location at the same place throughout the whole festival.
    For example : circus tent, apparatus, fixed decor, fairground stall, stage truck...
    Important : Companies with structures that cannot be dismantled are responsible for their installations and must organize the guarding of their installations (day and night) by themselves.

    Use of pyrotechnics (C1F1, C2F2, C3F3, T1) – Use the C4F4T2 is not allowed

    Shows requiring a special technical or logistical attention from us for what concerns their positioning. For example : equestrian show, gantry, motor-driven, long set up and break down time, special access, bleachers, entresorts under 16m2...

    Essential need of a power supply of 16A.220 volts or more and/or need of a three-phase electrical supply.

    The registration as « special structure » has to be made during the online registration process.
    We will contact you if there is any doubt whether your project is feasible within the context of the rendezvous of the "Compagnies de passage".

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    Technical specificities and performance spaces

    IMPORTANT : During the online registration process, the company must inform us about all technical and logistical specificities that could be important in the designation of a performance space. For example : use of only one mounting clip, scenery trailer not removable,...

    The number of areas for structures such as (circus) tent, yurt or fixed scenery is limited. The companies whose projects has such characteristics should register as soon as possible and validate their registration before April 1st.

    Power supply : At disposal on some spots as fixed point. Each company must have its extension cords (+/-50m).
    The "Compagnies de passage" team makes its best to respond favourably to the power needs of the Companies which have validated their registration before April 1st. The companies registered after that must be able to possibly adapt to a place without electrical supply.

    Structures that cannot be dismantled/guarding : Companies with structures that cannot be dismantled are responsible for their installations and must organize the guarding of their installations (day and night) by themselves.

    All request for participation with special technical, logistical and positioning needs must register and validate their registration as « special structures » before April 1st. We will contact you in case of difficulty in the feasability of your project in our context.

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    Each "Compagnie de passage" must be covered by a liability insurance proper to its activity.

    The liability insurance attestation is requested at the end of the registration process.

    The liability insurance attestation must be under the name of the company and/or mention the company and its show as covered activity throughout the festival.

    The companies without any liability insurance will be able to subscribe to the liability insurance proposed by the Festival (MAIF). This subscribtion is charged. The form to fill out and send back to the "Compagnies de passage" office is automatically sent to you during the online registration.

    The Festival insuranceis a liability insurance only and is not adapted to special structures such as (circus) tent, pyrotechnics...

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    Green room and locker room

    A green room and locker room are available for free for all the "Compagnies de passage".

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    Accomodation options in Aurillac or around are limited.

    The Tourism Office can help you in matter of accommodation and organization of your stay,
    >Office de Tourisme de la CABA
    7 Rue Carmes
    15000 Aurillac
    Phone : +33(0)
    E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    A company/artist might have to cancel its participation to the rendezvous of the "Compagnies de passage".
    If this is the case, please inform us about your cancellation as soon as possible at +33(0) and confirm your cancellation by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    Meeting upon arrival

    Upon arrival in Aurillac, you have to come to the "Compagnies de passage" office in order to confirm your arrival and get your welcome pack.

    The "Compagnies de passage" office is located : 20, rue de la Coste in Aurillac.

    Beware : from the morning of the day before the festival, you won't be able get to the office by car because of road blocking. Besides, it is always difficult to park in the city centre.

    Companies who must get to their performance space by car have to inform us about it and provide a justification during the online registration process. This requirement might limit the possibilities of positioning, because not all the performance spaces are technically accessible by car during the festival.

    You will have to come to the office to collect your vehicle pass before attempting to drive to your performance space.

    No vehicle pass will be delivered at the entrance gates.

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    On-site registration : During the festival at the "Compagnies de passage" office, within the limits of the remaining available spaces (opening from the monday before the festival)

    You can still register while the festival has already started. If you register during the Festival, you won't be mentioned in the "Compagnies de passage" program, but you will be mentioned in the app of the Festival (IOS/Android).

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